ERS Webinars 2023

Outpatient Rhinology Procedures (

Awake Rhinology Surgery – potentials and limitations- Jaime Viera Artiles (ESP)

Polvpectomv in the Office- Jonathan Joseph (GB)

Local Anaesthetic Nasal Airway Surgery- Sean Carrie (GB)

Moderator: Pavol Surda

Paediatric Rhinology (

Atopic March- Olvmpia Tsilochristou (GB)

Allergic Rhinitis in Children- Alberto Alvarez-Perea (ESP)

Evidence based medicine: Adenotonsillectomy and Airway Surgery- Simon Gane (GB)

Moderator: Pavol Surda

Smell and Taste Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes (

Introduction of Olfactory Disorders- David Liu (AUT)

Conservative Management of Loss of Smell- Thomas Hummel (DEU)

Surgery in Olfaction- Basile Landis (CHE)

Moderator: Wenche Moe Thorstensen

Obstructive Sleep Apnea  (link TBU)

Diagnostic Work-up in OSA- John Dobrowski (USA)

Electrical Stimulation of Upper Airway Muscles in OSA- Yakubu Karaaama (GB)

Nasal Surgery in OSA- Joachim Maurer (DEU

Moderator: Pavol Surda,

Prevention and management of unsatisfactory results in

Rhinoplasty (Link TBU)

Deviated and Crooked Noses- Rui Xavier (PRT)

Dorsal Deformities- loannis Constantinidis (GRC)

Alar-Columellar disproportions- Pietro Palma (ITA)

Tip Deviations and Irregularities- Milos Kovacevic (DEU)

Moderator: loannis Constantinidis, Pavol Surda