EPOS2020 Euforea Webinars

On June 22/23/24 we have presented a three days EUFOREA-EPOS webinar: “EPOS 2020: Everything you need to know” Chaired by Professor Wytske Fokkens and Professor Valerie Lund.

In case you have missed it, please find the recordings below:

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners:
Novartis , Sanofi, Medtronic and the European Rhinologic Society. (ERS)

The content of the slides is the proprietary of European Rhinologic Society and are free to download and use, however prohibited from any modifications.

Webinar Day One – EPOS2020 Guidelines Introduction

Date: Monday 22nd June 2020

EPOS2020 from bench to bedside (classification, terminology, burden, control,  inflammation)

Prof Valerie Lund 25”

EPOS2020 management of patients, what is new (Care pathways)

Prof Wytske Fokkens 25”

Webinar Day Two – EPOS2020 Detailed Presentations

Date:  Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Pathophysiology of CRS: why is it important?

Prof Robert Kern 15”

Chronic rhinosinusitis: how to implement current and new treatment options, the role of precision medicine

Prof Wytske Fokkens 15”

Treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis in adults: the sandwich of medical and surgical and medical treatment again

Prof Valerie Lund 15”

Webinar Day Three – EPOS2020 Detailed Presentations

Date: Wednesday 24th June 2020

The burden and prevention of ARS and CRS

Prof Claire Hopkins 15”

What is post viral rhinosinusitis and why you should not prescribe antibiotics

Prof Deyun Wang 15”

Comorbidities of CRS

Prof Peter Hellings 15”

A Child with CRS

Prof Sietze Reitsma 15”