About us

The European Rhinologic Society serves as a platform for specialists in rhinology, allergology, facial plastic surgery and any other related disciplines. As a society, we are also committed to nurturing the growth of the next generation of rhinologists. Our vision encompasses a collaborative network of experts dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, clinical expertise, patient care and fostering innovations in the field of Rhinology across Europe and beyond.


Our mission is realised through biannual congresses, conducted in partnership with the International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN) and International Rhinologic Society(IRS). ERS also organises a range of accredited courses, free webinars and podcasts and provides a free junior membership to young doctors, as well as fellowships and awards. The European Rhinologic Society maintains a strong partnership with the Rhinology Journal, offering its members exclusive access to the latest scientific research and advancements in the field. 


Membership in the European Rhinologic Society offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced Congress Fee: Members enjoy discounted rates for attending biannual congresses, providing access to cutting-edge research, workshops, and networking opportunities

  • Integration into the International Rhinologic Community: Membership receive latest society news, possibility to connects individuals with a global network of rhinologists, facilitating collaboration, knowledge exchange.

  • Discounted Course Fees: Members receive reduced rates for participating in ERS accredited courses, enhancing their professional development and skills acquisition.

  • Free Junior Membership for doctors under 35 years old.

  • Free Access to Webinars: Members gain complimentary access to webinars hosted by the ERS, featuring expert-led discussions on emerging topics, techniques, and best practices in rhinology.

  • Opportunities for Awards and Fellowships: Members have the chance to apply for prestigious awards and fellowships offered by the ERS and ERS Foundation.

  • Access to Rhinology Journal- the second highest ranked ENT journal.

As a non-profit organization, we rely mostly on the membership fees and donations to sustain our initiatives. To ensure compliance with tax regulations, we are officially registered in the Netherlands and supported by a Dutch legal advisor.


The society was founded in 1963 by Professor H.A.W. van Dishoeck, Director of the ENT-department of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands.

Overview of the former congresses and presidents of the European Rhinologic Society:

Sofia, Bulgaria
D. Vicheva
Thessaloniki, Greece
J. Constantinidis
London, England
S. Carrie
Stockholm, Sweden
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
W.J. Fokkens
Toulouse, France
E. Serrano
Geneva, Switzerland
J.S. Lacroix
Crete, Greece
A.G. Papavasiliou
Tampere, Finland
M. Rautiaenen
Istanbul, Turkey
M. Onerci
Ulm, Germany
G. Rettinger
Barcelona, Spain
J. Fabra Llopis
Vienna, Austria
H. Stammberger
Ghent, Belgium
P. Van Cauwenberge
Copenhagen, Denmark
M. Tos
Rome, Italy
D. Passali
London, England
D.J. Brain
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
E.H. Huizing
Athens, Greece
A.J. Coyas
Nancy, France
M. Wayoff