ERS Foundation Grant Opportunities

Since 2021 ERS Foundation has been formed to provide education and research grants in Rhinology for Junior ERS members. Junior ERS membership is free and provides several benefits such as :


    • ERS junior member can apply for fellowships for participation at accredited courses.

    • ERS junior member can apply for awards for basic and clinical research.

    • ERS junior member will also be a member of the International Rhinologic Society.

    • Reduced fee to attend ERS congress.

    • Free access to the educational webinars in the ENT field

You can become a junior member of ERS if you are:


    • ENT specialists in training as well as physicians or scientists in the field of Rhinology or related disciplines

    • Age under 35

Become a member

In 2021 during the congress in Thessaloniki, for the first time ERS has awarded 2 Research prizes for basic and clinical research (1500 euro each) and provided best oral abstract grants  (500 euro each).

In 2023 in Sofia, there were 2 Research grants given and 10 Best Oral Abstract grants.

The meeting in Sofia was also set to feature the inaugural round of the European Rhinologic Society’s Dragon’s Den offering applicants a chance to have their projects critically reviewed by the best in the business with an opportunity to earn total grant of 9000 Euro.

If you are a junior member of ERS and have/planning interesting research, don’t miss the chance to apply on time to stand a chance to win ERS Foundation Grants.

Below you can find a list of grant winners from ERS Foundation:

Research Prizes Winners


    • Basic Research Prize 2023 Claudio Montuori (Italy)

    • Clinical Research Prize 2023  Marta Kwiatkowska (Poland)

    • Basic Research Prize 2021 Sarina Müller (Germany)

    • Clinical Research Prize 2021 Evelijn Lourijsen (The Netherlands)

Dragon’s Den Prize Winners:

1st prize of 6000 euros went to An-Sofie Viskens (Belgium) with her work: “Real-life evaluation of the efficacy of biologics in CRSwNP”

2nd prize of 3000 euros went to Saarthe Uyttebroek with her work: “Xylitol nasal irrigations in the treatment of cystic fibrosis-related chronic rhinosinusitis: a randomized crossover trial.”

Best Oral Abstract Presentation Prize winners of 2023


    1. Sven Ole Sarnoch

    1. Pietro Orlando

    1. Marnick Clijsters

    1. Sonia Macario

    1. Marta Kwiatkowska

    1. Maxime Fieux

    1. Liyona Kampel

    1. Dimitrios Daskalou

    1. Arianna Cardella


Best Oral Abstract Presentation Prize winners of 2021


    1. Rik Van der

    1. Géraldine Vansteelant

    1. Dimitrios Daskalou

    1. Axel Wolf

    1. Anastasios Maniakas (presented by Axel Renteria)

    1. Marion Renaud (presented by Emilie Bequignon)

    1. Caroline Seebauer

Requirements to apply for the grants:



    • There are 2 research prizes given- for original basic research, and for original clinical research in the field of Rhinology.

    • Only candidates below the age of 35 years can apply. They should be members of the ERS (e.g., Junior Members)

    • Each applicant is allowed one entry.

    • Entries are to be submitted in the form of a scientific paper. Papers that have been accepted for publication by an international scientific journal will also be considered. Scientific papers – as well as supplements and Ph.D.-theses – that have already been published are excluded from competition.

    • The research paper submitted is either the result of individual research activities or resulting from a team effort. In the latter case the first author will be considered as the nominee.

    • The executive Committee of ERS Foundation, supported by several invited experts, will act as the jury, and will select both prize winners.

    • The prizes, each of which amounts to Euro 1.500, – will be awarded during the Opening Ceremony



    • Candidates below the age of 35 years can apply. They should be junior members of the ERS and attending the congress in person

    • Everyone, (under 35) who submitted their abstracts and opted for junior grant during the application process – are eligible.

    • A first selection is made from the abstracts submitted. These oral presentations will be placed together in two “best abstracts sessions”. The final selection will be done during the congress.

    • The executive Committee of the European Rhinologic Society Foundation, supported by several invited experts, will act as the jury and will select prize winners

    • 10 best abstracts will receive the prize. The prizes, each of which amounts to Euro 500- will be announced and

    • awarded during

Dragon’s Den

Clinical studies and especially randomized controlled trials require a well-designed protocol to reach the objective. We aspire to improve the quality and relevance of research, ensure that we are investing in the right areas of research and that research findings are being translated into patient benefit. This way, we invite you to get feedback on your research projects from world-leading experts. We will invite the six short-listed applicants to present their research idea during the ERS congress.


The proposed study must be proposed and designed by one or more ERS members.

Only unpublished studies can be eligible.

Study design: Clinical research studies must be one of the following designs:

·       Randomized controlled trial (RCT) or a pilot trial to inform a RCT;

·       A non-randomized study evaluating a treatment, intervention, management strategy or diagnostic strategy.

One endorsed study will be offered an ERS grant of 6,000 Euros.

The second highest-rated application will be awarded an ERS grant of 3,000 Euros.