EPOS time is here!

EPOS2020 will be the latest in the EPOS series of guidelines on rhinosinusitis from an international cohort of experts in the field and will build on the success of the previous EPOS papers.

EPOS History

EPOS has a long history. The first evidence-based position paper EP3OS, which was initiated by the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) was published in 2005. The paper was endorsed by the European Rhinologic Society and had enormous success. The increasing interest in the topic and the growing body of research in this area, led us to update the document. EP3OS2007 identified the gaps in the existing evidence and stimulated colleagues to fill these with high-quality studies. As this wealth of new data became available, there were valid calls for the document to be revised again. EPOS2012 was hugely successful and widely cited worldwide.

EPOS 2020

Now once more we invite leaders in the field to critically appraise the latest literature and provide a comprehensive review of the key topics. Our goal is to produce EPOS2020 in an accessible format with clear research priorities, which will inspire researchers to study the epidemiology and management of ARS and CRS, use standard definitions of the disease, implement endotyping, reduce unnecessary (antibiotic) treatment and form new collaborations to answer unmet research questions.

Find out more in our development report, which will be published soon in Rhinology Journal. Check our website to read it first and follow us on Twitter.
Rhinology Journal
Our work has begun, as we plan to utilize different methodologies to expand on the existing research base and explore areas not covered in the previous guidelines.

Stay tuned to find out more about this unique scientific project.

Yours sincerely,
Wytske Fokkens
Chair of EPOS 2020
Rhinology Journal and Rhinology Online Editor-in-Chief