Place Clinical Anatomy, University Tübingen, Germany
Starting date 2023-03-20
End date 2023-03-22
Course director Prof. Dr. Rainer Weber, Sinus Academy
Secretariat I-Congress
Phone number +49 152 53968149
Fax number
Emailadres info@i-congress.info
Website www.sinus-academy.com
Additional information The „Advanced Sinus Dissection Course“ teaches current techniques of extended sinus surgery placing emphasis on demanding problems of the maxillary sinus, frontal and sphenoid sinus, orbita, pterygopalatine fossa and the anterior skull base. Special highlights of our Hands-on FESS Course are: • 3 days of structured anatomic preparation, each step referring to clearly defined anatomical landmarks, after concise lectures and master dissection. • Training places for dissection are very well-equipped with HD-videoendoscopy, a large variety of microsurgical instruments, shaver and navigation. • Intensive supervision with at least one experienced supervisor for two dissection places. • Specific adjunctive course material like access to essential videoclips of all important surgical steps, • Dissection guide with all relevant surgical steps and clinical remarks as well as accompanying hand-outs are inclusive