Place Clinical Anatomy, University Tübingen, Germany
Starting date 2023-10-09
End date 2023-10-10
Course director Prof. Dr. Rainer Weber, Sinus Academy
Secretariat I-Congress
Phone number +49 152 53968149
Fax number
Emailadres info@i-congress.info
Website www.sinus-academy.com
Additional information The „International Hands-on FESS Course“ teaches current techniques of endoscopic sinus surgery with the main focus on personal dissection of the participants. Special highlights of our Hands-on FESS Course are: • Structured anatomic preparation, each step referring to clearly defined anatomical landmarks, after concise lectures and master dissection. • Training places for dissection are very well-equipped with HD-videoendoscopy, a large variety of microsurgical instruments, shaver and navigation. • Intensive supervision with at least one experienced supervisor for two dissection places. • Specific adjunctive course material like access to essential videoclips of all important surgical steps, • Dissection guide with all relevant surgical steps and clinical remarks as well as accompanying hand-outs are inclusive