1st Erlangen Interdisciplinary Course for Microscopic and Endoscopic Surgery of the Anterior and Lateral Skull Base
Place University Hospital in Erlangen, Germany
Starting date 2019-02-20
End date 2019-02-22
Course director A. Gostian, MD, PhD, K. R÷ssler, Prof., R. Rupp, MD, H. Iro, Prof.
Secretariat Kathrin Dauth & Birgit Lenz Department of ENT Head & Neck Surgery FAU University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Phone number +49 (0)9131 85-33631
Fax number
Emailadres hno-kurssekretariatatuk-erlangen.de
Website http://www.hno-klinik.uk-erlangen.de/en/for-physicians/ent-courses/
Additional information International course designed for residents in ENT and Neurosurgery as well as more advanced surgeons looking for recent developments in their field of expertise