Report from dr. Battaglia

The Italian Academy of Rhinology / Italian Academy of Rhinology (IAR) was founded with the aim of coagulating the various souls of Italian rhinology, which in recent years has offered not only opportunities for vocational training of high educational content, but has also established itself in the international field as an appreciated and constantly evolving reality. We want to make an active, responsible and significant contribution to the development of this discipline, convinced of the absolute necessity of having a company form in the rhinological field that represents, in an inclusive form, the true rhinological realities in Italy incorporating the fundamental areas (medical-cytological- surgical) and, especially in the surgical field, the functional-endoscopic and esthetic-reconstructive addresses. We are convinced that research, training, training and ability to attract young talents will make the difference: we must anticipate change in order to strengthen the primacy of our specialty by merging all available forces with the aim of enhancing experience, will and skills. We cultivate the ambition to be present and competitive on the international scene through experiences and credibility solidly built over the years and create the conditions to attract new vital forces that continue the path already taken by many of us for some time. These goals are shared by many colleagues who have pushed me to be the catalyst for a mature process.