Report from dr. Landis

I am Basile Landis, currently president of the Swiss Rhinogroup and Head of the Rhinology-Olfactology Unit of the University Hospital of Geneva.
Besides patient care which involves the whole range of rhinology (outpatient clinic, surgery, follow up) we also offer a special Smell and taste clinic activity. The research focus of my unity are the chemical senses (smell, taste and trigeminal intranasal function). My teachers were Thomas Hummel, Silvain Lacroix and Marco Caversaccio. After journeys in Dresden and Bern I overtook the Rhinology-Olfactolgy Unit in 2013.
The Swiss Rhinologists are organized within the Swiss Rhinogroup and we meet two times a year. We are approximately 40 members and all the 5 university Hospitals (Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Lausanne) as well as the 3 big public hospitals (Aarau, St.Gallen, Lucerne) are represented. We have numerous ongoing collaborations and we organize a biannual Rhino-Update meeting meant as teaching/continuous medical education for
private practitioners. Further courses Rhinosurgery (Bern-Caversaccio and Zurich-Simmen) are organized under the auspices of the ERS on a regular basis.