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Operation TheatreThe European Rhinologic Society provides a forum for the exchange of experience among specialists, interested in rhinology, allergology, related facial plastic surgery and other fields.

This goal is achieved by biannual congresses, held in cooperation with the International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN), by accredited courses, fellowships and awards.

The ERS is a non-profit-organisation. The Society is dealing with membership-fees or donations, however. Therefore, we must be officially registered in order to avoid troubles with taxes. Because there exists no general European law, registration is needed in a European country. Since the Society was founded in the Netherlands and the membership-office is located in this country, a Dutch lawyer assists us in this process.

An official registration is also essential for being acknowledged by other official organs e.g. European institutions. Since the last amendments in 1986 further developments have to be taken into consideration in order to prepare the Society for the future and care for continuity.


What are the most important changes and innovations?

To guarantee for continuity, most scientific societies have the office of a Secretary General. He cares not only for daily business but supports the development of the Society on a long run. Besides regular members, the Society can also have junior and senior members who will pay a reduced fee.

The Advisory Board will now have an official status with defined competences, it will not only include official delegates, but also Regional Representatives of certain countries.