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Dear ERS members,

As a fast-growing society, we continue to improve our services and our communication with you, our members. This fast progress and increasing professionalisation is noticeable in all of our activities. The board of ERS is working hard to keep up with  our new initiatives and we need more members to become active in our society and support us in this. At the end of this newsletter you will find a list of the vacancies available at the moment. This is an exciting development opportunity and we appreciate your enthusiastic response to help.

We are now using social media as an effective tool for providing you with the latest information and for keeping in touch. We bring you the latest news through our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel, which is growing every day. We put maximum effort into living up to the expectations of our subscribers. By way of example, we have recently launched a brand-new website for the ERS 2020 Congress, freshly designed for the very best user experience.

We publish Rhinology, in cooperation with the IRS and Confederation of ORL-NHS:  a world-renowned not-for-profit journal with an impact factor of 2.93. Our sister journal, Rhinology Online, is a new Open Access title that offers fast publication whilst maintaining rigorous standards of peer review. Rhinology Online ensures review within 10 working days, so your paper can be published within 2 weeks.  Thanks to the hard work of our team, Rhinology Online will soon be listed in the PubMed database and its scientific impact will briskly grow in the coming years.

As you can see, our work and activities are continuously growing and we would welcome new volunteers to support the exciting progress of ERS. We invite those of you who are daring, eager to learn and willing to help us continue on our journey. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience working with a high-profile medical society, add new skills to your CV and network with other members of the ERS. Contact us now to express your interest!

ERS is looking for volunteers in the following fields:

International Fellowships Liaison: Organize fellowships, research prizes and inform young colleagues about education and training opportunities within ERS, be an ambassador for ERS to junior members.

Industry/Sponsorship Committee Member: Keep in contact with relevant companies, provide information about ERS and congresses, attract new companies as sponsors, evaluate sponsor contracts.

Member of Expert Panel on ENT devices to advice the European Commission: The member is asked to provide independent expert review of the clinical evidence submitted by manufacturers, and of the evaluations conducted by Notified Bodies.

If you are interested, please send a short bio of about 10 lines to secretarygeneral@rhinologicsociety.euWe keenly await your response!

Best Wishes,

Wytske Fokkens
Secretary General of ERS